Hack the Army Bounty Pays Out $100,000

The U.S. Army on Thursday shared the outcome of its first bug bounty, which concluded a three-week trial on Dec. 21, calling the program a success. The Hack The Army bounty, announced last fall, was the second such government rewards program, debuting months after the conclusion of the Hack the Pentagon bounty. Government officials positioned

The Top 17 Security Predictions for 2017

What will happen in 2017? Whether you prefer to call them cybersecurity forecasts, online risk trends or security predictions, the answers are similar. Here’s a roundup of what our top industry experts, security companies and tech magazines are saying about the year ahead — and what you can do to prepare. “You ain’t seen nothing

White hat shows how Better Business Bureau’s site leaked personal data

A provocative white hat hacker who has previously disclosed vulnerabilities in both California’s ObamaCare portal and FireEye’s core security product has now revealed a serious flaw in the Council of Better Business Bureau’s (CBBB) Web-based complaints application, which is used by nearly a million people annually to file complaints against businesses. The CBBB criticized the