RTC’s Voice & Data Cabling services maintain your technologically-related infrastructure, preventing expensive and unnecessary outages. Let our professional installers offer you enhanced system reliability, protecting your business from diminished productivity and resulting losses in revenue.

Let our technical specialists focus on the strength and integrity of your systems’ cabling so you can focus on all that makes your business succeed.

Complete Voice, Video and Data Cabling

When you need videoconferencing without lag or static, RTC’s voice and data cabling can deliver results in the form of a good, clear picture.  Data transmission in real-time saves you the cost of travel, so your profit margins grow as you get more done from your office.

Network switch and ethernet cables in rack cabinet

Cable, Jack and Plug Repairs

Issues can arise in both your voice and data cabling and the array that connects your cables to your business phone system and computers.  When this occurs, your business communications suffers in proportion to the limits on your connectivity.

Don’t try to limp along with limited connectivity when RTC can get you back up and running at full speed.

Install and Repair High-Speed Copper and Fiber-Optic Cabling

You don’t have call expensive specialists when your high speed copper or fiber optic cabling starts giving you trouble.  RTC voice and data cabling technicians are trained in these technologies and can offer you expeditious technical support at the same competitive rates as other phone and computer-related support services.

Houston Network Cabling Services

Manage Cable, Racks, Conduits, Cable Trays, and Patch Panels

Maintaining your network is more important than getting your network up and running to begin with.  Voice and data cabling arrays require maintenance like all other forms of technology.  RTC technicians will regularly check your arrays, conduits, and patch panels for any potential issues.  Averting problems before they lead to system failure is the best way to prevent the painful losses that can result from even a single day’s worth of downtime.

Certify Wiring Meets Cat-5e and Cat-6 Standards

Certification means that your voice and data cabling array is functioning as intended at maximum speeds.  With faster, more reliable communications, you stand better positioned to compete in your industry without distraction or costly disruption.

Network Maintenance

Today’s VoIP solutions are being integrated into the office network. RTC’s trained network technicians can design a new network or help configure or expand your existing network while taking advantage of your current investment. RTC’s technicians can maintain the continuity of your business communication with the following network tasks:

  • Install and configure switches, bridges, routers, and jacks
  • Set up remote access solutions such as VPNs for remote access to your office network
  • Provide firewall and proxy server solutions
  • Install, troubleshoot and maintain wireless networks
  • RTC can also maintain your computer system.  Check out our Computer Support page.

Equipment Room Cleanup

Don’t let a mess lead to a catastrophic failure in your network, and don’t stop your business to clean your voice and data cabling array yourself.  Let RTC keep your equipment room free of dust and debris so your systems stay connected and your data stays protected, 24/7.

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