NEC Business Phone Solutions

As your business grows, you need a reliable communications partner that you can trust. RTC Business Solutions can help bring your business communications into the 21st century. A NEC business phone system will keep up with your ever-changing needs. RTC Business Solutions will be there to help you through purchasing, leasing, or service calls.

On Premise

  • Purchase or lease the business phone system hardware
  • Keep the server where you can see it
  • Choose from VoIP or Digital options
  • Maintain control of upgrades, maintenance, and expansion

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You have choices, we have business phone solutions. If you need help deciding, we’re just a call away.

Cloud Hosted

  • Connect your business phone anywhere via the internet
  • Don’t hassle with business phone system updates and maintenance
  • Combine your phone system, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into one seamless experience

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NEC On-Premise Phone Systems

The NEC SV9100 server starts small, but it’s packed with high-end features. It expands up to 896 stations with 16 remote locations. Support for open standards makes it easy for businesses to integrate their business processes with the application power of their NEC business phone system.

NEC Business Phone Solutions

  • Supports both wired and wireless networks
  • Supports TDM, IP, and video
  • Traditional voice support
  • System and station failover to another Netlinked SV9100 site
  • VOIP support
  • Green standard compliant
  • Unified communication, mobility, and voice communication support
  • Enhanced central management tools equip small business phone systems for mobile phone support and seamless networking.

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NEC Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

Wherever your team operates—at home, in the office or on-site— it’s important to equip them with tools to be productive. NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE cloud phone system provides everything your team needs to stay connected from anywhere.

NEC Phone System Leasing

Get the lowest possible lease payment with an end-of-lease purchase option not to exceed the fair market value of the equipment. This type of lease may have significant tax advantages.

This lease type entitles the customer the benefits of ownership, such as interest and depreciation deductions. After all the lease payments are made, the customer can purchase the equipment for $1.00.

At the end of the lease, the option to purchase is fixed at 10% of the original cost allowing for lower monthly lease payments and a predictable cost of purchase at the end of the initial lease term.

This lease has no payments for a specific period of time. For example, the lease may have no payments for the first 60 or 90 days.

Businesses that are less than 2-years old can now qualify for financing on their technology equipment up to $20,000!  Check out the great rates provided by NEC Financial Services HERE

Generally any government organization (city, county, sate, special district or authority) including certain schools, universities, hospitals fire districts, water districts and housing authorities. These entities are usually tax exempt. Municipal leases have special clauses which allow for cancellation of the lease if they do not receive their funding. Municipal leases have a $1.00 purchase option.

The initial sale is not the end but the beginning of the support provided by NEC Financial Services. As a customer’s needs change, whether for additional equipment or a larger system, NEC provides the flexibility to meet those needs.

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