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Secure Your Network from Hackers and Threats

With the growth of online platforms for business use, it has become increasingly important to have strong cybersecurity protocols in place. Failure to protect your systems against malicious software attacks can lead to catastrophic program failure, data breaches and even financial loss. Through this brief introduction to cybersecurity, we will outline the most important considerations in securing your data and your company.

What Is Cybersecurity?

In the most basic terms, cybersecurity is the effective detection and handling of threats to your IT network. These threats are typically malicious software attacks in the form of spyware, spam and phishing scams. They aim to gain unauthorized access to your business’ data, devices and programs. Effective cybersecurity practices are now well established, but the digital world continues to evolve to keep up with new threats and security risks.

Why is Cybersecurity Important?

Although most users don’t give much thought to security measures beyond password protections, it is important for businesses to take steps to ensure that all systems are properly secure. Attackers have more to reap from gaining access to business networks because of the high volume and sensitivity of data that is transmitted and stored on a regular basis.

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How RTC Business Solutions Can Help Your Business

First, RTC Business Solutions will identify the most valuable and sensitive data across all your business’ platforms. For example, this data may include patient information for healthcare practices or financial records in banking.

Next, we identify and evaluate the physical devices used for storing data that are connected to your network. This helps us determine what software solutions are needed to protect your business network from outside attacks.

At RTC Business Solutions, we offer antivirus and security solutions from monitoring to system-wide updates to help you stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated security threats. For clients in the medical industry, implementing cybersecurity protocols will help you maintain HIPAA compliance.

Employee Security Training

As an added measure, RTC Business Solutions feel it’s a good idea to train your entire staff on what they can do to help keep your network secure. While direct attacks from various internet sources are a threat, one of the biggest vulnerabilities to your systems could be employees who can’t recognize spam emails or potential phishing scams.

Taking the time to train your staff on security measures to ensure you are maximally protected while you scale your security system is an important step that RTC Business Solutions is happy to support.

Let’s have a conversation about securing your company’s IT systems.

At RTC Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on our quick response time when working with our clients, because we understand that you don’t have time to wait days or even weeks to get your questions answered.


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