More companies than ever are allowing their employees to work remotely. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this transition, forcing companies that may have been considering switching to adapt to work-from-home policies on the fly. While some employees will undoubtedly prefer to return to an office setting, remote work is likely here to stay. 

Whether your company is exploring remote work for the first time, or already has a system in place, supporting remote work has unique IT challenges. Fortunately, utilizing IT Managed Services can help companies handle the many IT challenges they will face when transitioning to or maintaining a remote work environment. 

It’s Harder to Introduce New Technology

Often, businesses must implement new digital infrastructure and software to stay competitive and efficient in an ever-changing technological landscape. Remote workers may find it difficult to get caught up on a company’s constantly evolving technological landscape. It can be confusing to determine who is responsible for rolling-out and training employees on changes to procedure and infrastructure.

RTC Business Solution’s Managed IT Services can help alleviate this confusion. Our expert technicians know how to efficiently install and train employees on new software and programs, making technology transitions seamless and easy.

Overloaded VPNs

VPN connections allow remote workers to access company databases and server files. Many companies face challenges when too many VPN connections put strain the existing infrastructure. Furthermore, these VPN connections can open your company to security risks if they are not properly managed and monitored. Hiring RTC as your Managed IT Service provider will ensure that remote employees have access to all company resources, hardware, and cloud services to keep downtime to a minimum.

Security Risks

The nature of remote work poses challenges for digital security. Allowing employees to work from personal computers rather than company computers may open the door to unauthorized users accessing files. Additionally, while working in coffee shops is emblematic of remote work culture, it also poses issues when it comes to network security. 

RTC Business Solutions can monitor your security and act quickly to eliminate threats — sometimes before you even realize they are there. RTC Business Solutions can also work with you on encryption and other security measures.

Employees Need Enhanced Technical Support

When your company decides to finally make the transition to remote work, the most obvious challenge your company will face is increased technical difficulties.

Not all employees are hired for their technical skills. But if they work remotely, they will likely face computer issues that will require troubleshooting. 

‌In fact, they may face more issues while adjusting remote work. In an office setting, technology issues may occasionally solve themselves, with some employees helping their less technologically savvy peers. Unfortunately, this is not an option in the remote work environment. 

‌Even simple issues can lead to significant slowdowns in productivity. Fortunately, RTC Business Solutions can take over the task of tech support with employees, resulting in  less frustration for everyone. 

‌RTC Business Solutions has robust solutions for all your remote IT needs. We offer server configuration along with cloud solutions. Get your employees’ issues resolved quickly with remote IT support. Contact us today to learn more!