RTC offers our customers the latest technology in business telephone systems and communications. Whether you are operating a small home office, mid-sized company or large corporation we have communications solutions for all your telephone system needs. Our phone systems are filled with upscale features that will suit any type of business communication requirements. If you have communication issues we have solutions. Contact us today, and allow one of our experienced sales engineers to offer you a quick, no-obligation quote today.

Small and Mid-Sized Business Communication Solutions

The NEC SV9100 server starts small but it is jam-packed with high-end features.  You can expand it up to 896 stations with 16 remote locations. Support for open standards makes it easy for businesses to integrate their business processes with the application power of their phone system.

  • Supports both wired and wireless networks
  • Supports TDM, IP, and video
  • Traditional voice support
  • System and station failover to another Netlinked SV9100 site
  • VOIP support
  • Green standard compliant
  • Unified communication, mobility, and voice communication support
  • Enhanced central management tools equip small business phone systems for mobile phone support and seamless networking.

Small/Midsize Business – SV9100

Large Business Communication Solutions

Phone systems for mid-sized businesses, NEC’s SV9300, feature the latest options in unified communications, presences, file sharing and use of smart phones as an extension. The NEC SV9300 server can be expanded to support up to 1536 stations with up to 47 remote locations.  IP multimedia softphones can eliminate the need for physical telephones by integrating business communications with computer networks.

  •  User friendly centralized control
  • Improve services to callers through individual operator consoles
  • Improve customer satisfaction with integral contact center capabilities
  • Retrieve emails and voice mails from a single inbox using unified messaging
  • System and station failover to another NEC site
  • Supports traditional voice
  • Supports VOIP

Unified business communications for your mid-sized organization will improve customer satisfaction, lower operating costs, and improve employee production.  Phone systems are also green initiative compliant and scalable for mid-sized businesses growing toward large enterprise status.

Large Business – SV9300

Enterprise Communications Solutions

Phone systems for large businesses are designed to deliver business communications on an expanding regional or even global scale.  The NEC SV9500 communications platforms feature advanced applications servers capable of delivering, virtualization, mobility, unified communications, and voice to tens of thousands of users.

  • Phone system can support 4,000 endpoints in a single system
  • Easily scales up to support 192,000 ports in networked organizations
  • Remote user access through personalized portals
  • Fixed mobility convergence
  • Contact centers with attendant capability
  • Unified messaging
  • Sophisticated collaboration tools
  • Support XML, Java™, LDAP-compliant databases, and SIP-enabled devices
  • Managed infrastructure with support for open standards simplifies business process integration with phone system and network.
Enterprise business communications deliver a superior customer satisfaction experience while simultaneously lowering costs.  Added value comes in the form of green standard compliance through such measures as reduced air conditioning requirements and elimination of lead and mercury in circuit board components.

Enterprise – SV9500

Software driven phone systems are designed with small and mid-sized businesses in mind.  The NEC 3C software solution is full unified communications that streamline business communications with user friendly information delivery and retrieval.  Collaborative solutions drastically cut travel expenses by allowing for audio/visual conferencing and information sharing over vast distances.

  • Desktop control of call functions with point-click-drag-drop management.
  • Customized messaging for caller menus
  • Auto attendant call routing
  • DTMF and speech interface to free up resources and information retrieval
  • Instant, single-inbox access to email and voice mail through unified messaging
  • Combine office mobile phone messages into a single mailbox through single number/single mailbox
  • Transfer calls from desktop to mobile without interruption
  • Synchronize meeting calendars, contacts, and notes into unified messaging with Microsoft Office Outlook® integration.
  • Chat through instant messaging

Software-based phone system solutions streamline business communications with softphone functionality that allows users to place and receive calls from their desktops.  Video conferencing and web-browser dialing seamlessly integrate computers with telephony.  Special business communications solutions are also available for Hospitality clients.


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