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Cloud Applications and Services

The world of computing is constantly evolving. At one time, utilizing computer technology required massive machines and hardware experts. Thanks to cloud services, businesses can now leverage enterprise-grade equipment with little more than a laptop. Though there are several providers available, we’re going to highlight the of benefits of using Microsoft’s Cloud Services.

Cloud Services Security

Microsoft has done an incredible job of securing their platform so that you know your data is safe and secure. They invested more than one billion USD in research and development in order to offer the best in security technology. They also employ 3,500 security specialists to monitor their systems to further safeguard your most valuable information.

What’s more, you can be confident in the ownership and privacy of your data, even when it comes to Microsoft themselves. Their core privacy principle maintains that they will never use your data for marketing or advertising. This is fantastic news amid reports of data being sold or exposed to other companies for the sake of profits.

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Our Cloud Services Are Flexible

Whether you plan to operate in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid model, Cloud Services implementation is flexible enough to meet you where you are. Microsoft Cloud services can run anywhere, on any device. As a result, you can offer your team the ability to work from anywhere, ensuring they can be most productive.

A Microsoft Partner You Can Trust

We support Microsoft cloud services as a certified Microsoft Partner because we believe in the quality of their products and support. Whatever solutions you choose, be sure to get in touch with us so that we may help you with your software setup, deployment and management, including support for Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based programs.

RTC is a trusted information technology and business communications partner with over three decades of experience. We’re here to help you determine your options and find the best cloud solution based on your company’s needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your managed cloud services.

Let’s have a conversation about securing your company’s IT systems.

At RTC Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on our quick response time when working with our clients, because we understand that you don’t have time to wait days or even weeks to get your questions answered.


More Managed IT Services

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    A singular technology resource available to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and facilitate solutions. View our Support Solutions.
  • Microsoft Office 365
    Setup, deployment and management of Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based programs including all of Microsoft’s existing applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) as well as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration. View our Cloud Solutions.

  • Software Deployment
    Installation of software and services to one device, a group of devices or to one or multiple locations to ensure no device is overlooked when installing new or updated software.

  • Wi-Fi Setup and Configuration
    Purchase, installation, and configuration of Wi-Fi access points and troubleshooting any connectivity problems you may encounter.
  • Desktop Support
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  • Patch Management
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  • Server Administration
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  • Backup and Recovery

    Comprehensive protection of operating systems, applications, configurations, settings and data for Windows servers, workstations and laptops, and virtual environments to ensure your data is protected and recoverable. Our RMM platform also enables us to accurately monitor backup status in real-time, as well as perform on-demand actions such as disabling, enabling, creating, editing, deleting, starting, or canceling backup jobs. Data recovered is available from physical machines, virtual machines, and the cloud.
  • Network Monitoring
    An automated system that constantly monitors your network for for slow or failing devices and notifies us of any problems often before you encounter them.
  • Antivirus and Security
    Effective management and detection of continually evolving threats and malicious software attacks, including protection from spyware, spam and phishing scams to ensure your IT network is secure. Our antivirus services include comprehensive monitoring and deployment of virus definitions and updates s you know your system is always protected. View our Cybersecurity Solutions.

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