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RTC Business Solutions IT Support Center

Partnering with Companies to Provide Continuous IT Support So That You Can Stay Focused on Your Business

RTC Business Solutions provides the skill and expertise to streamline business operations, while expanding capabilities through its provided IT Management Services. Our support center is a vital component of our IT Management Services as it resolves problems quickly around the clock. Users can rely on the expertise and the availability of service desk support to resolve technical issues rapidly and accurately.

Our IT Service Desk

Continuous Support – Knowledgeable Staff – Innovative Solutions

Our service desk is an elevated concept in relation to the help desk. Help desks exist to provide solutions to direct problems, but our service desk widens the lens of support to include knowledge and strategies geared towards promoting success from the ground up. It is not limited to managing problems as they arise. The RTC Business Solutions IT Support Center includes a service desk and knowledgeable staff who are available 24 hours a day for incident management as well as overall support, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted service.

An effective IT support center understands the distinction between meeting client expectations and exceeding them.  Our support center will take a comprehensive approach to providing innovative solutions that are responsive but also proactive.  The center understands that excellent service is made up of knowledge in one’s field and expertise in customer service. Our business is rooted in these principles so you can trust that we will always put your needs first.

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Taking Customer Service & IT Support to the Next Level

Our quick response time sets RTC Business Solutions apart from the competition. We are a single-source technology resource for successful organizations because we provide IT management and support services as well as communications solutions. A timely response goes far to improve business productivity and customer satisfaction. Our team has industry experience and the knowledge to provide quick, reliable service and solutions. Contact us today to experience the service that sets us apart from our competition.

RTC Business Solutions is a leader in the telecommunications industry as a NEC authorized and certified Double-Diamond dealer. To earn this distinction, we must meet the highest industry standards on an annual basis and require our service agents to complete rigorous training and maintain course certifications. These same standards and practices that earn us this national recognition are applied to every aspect of our business solutions offerings. Customers can be sure that they are receiving outstanding service that is innovative and reliable.

The Cost of IT Management and Support Services

The benefits of IT management and support are clear. But what about cost? IT management services are incredibly cost-effective on their own. Many IT service providers can provide comprehensive services for a fixed monthly rate while eliminating the overall cost of maintaining on-site staff and support.

The cost-effectiveness of IT management and support extends to money saved as it can also help to:

  • Prevent productivity loss
  • Limit overall risk
  • Increase the efficiency of work procedure

RTC has been exceeding customer expectations for over 30 years with award-winning service, delivered at an even more affordable price than our competitors. We are confident in our abilities to serve clients and do not require long-term contracts. Utilizing our IT support-based services means low risk with high potential for success.

Get Started with Local Experts for ALL Your IT Needs

We provide exceptional information technology support to our clients 24/7.  Contact us to discuss how you are currently managing your IT and learn how we can save you money and support your network environment.



More Managed IT Services

  • Help Desk Support
    A singular technology resource available to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and facilitate solutions. View our Support Solutions.
  • Microsoft Office 365
    Setup, deployment and management of Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based programs including all of Microsoft’s existing applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) as well as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration. View our Cloud Solutions.

  • Software Deployment
    Installation of software and services to one device, a group of devices or to one or multiple locations to ensure no device is overlooked when installing new or updated software.

  • Wi-Fi Setup and Configuration
    Purchase, installation, and configuration of Wi-Fi access points and troubleshooting any connectivity problems you may encounter.
  • Desktop Support
    Trained IT experts will connect directly to your workstations via a Remote Agent application to repair and support software-related issues on your networks and individual computers. View our Support Solutions.
  • Patch Management
    Identification and automatic updating of all software patches and hotfixes to all of your devices, giving you the peace of mind that all patches are up-to-date, and your system will continue running at optimal performance.
  • Server Administration
    Management and monitoring of network servers to ensure that the systems run efficiently and continue to operate without downtime or performance degradation.
  • Backup and Recovery

    Comprehensive protection of operating systems, applications, configurations, settings and data for Windows servers, workstations and laptops, and virtual environments to ensure your data is protected and recoverable. Our RMM platform also enables us to accurately monitor backup status in real-time, as well as perform on-demand actions such as disabling, enabling, creating, editing, deleting, starting, or canceling backup jobs. Data recovered is available from physical machines, virtual machines, and the cloud.
  • Network Monitoring
    An automated system that constantly monitors your network for for slow or failing devices and notifies us of any problems often before you encounter them.
  • Antivirus and Security
    Effective management and detection of continually evolving threats and malicious software attacks, including protection from spyware, spam and phishing scams to ensure your IT network is secure. Our antivirus services include comprehensive monitoring and deployment of virus definitions and updates s you know your system is always protected. View our Cybersecurity Solutions.

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